Fight and Beat Traffic Tickets

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Fight and Beat Traffic Tickets

Tickets, Tickets, what type, and how many? This article, ‘How to fight and beat your traffic ticket,’ starts with what are the main types. I grouped them as speeding citations, commute lane or favored lane tickets, seat belt tickets, red light tickets, and now red light camera tickets or stop signs. You now must use ‘hands-free.’ Some of the above (or all the above) are Big Bro-related. Don’t you adore that big brother gets to decide what’s good for us, safe for us? The latest one, a cell phone ticket, is derided. Yes, it can be dangerous to talk on a phone while driving, but it is OK to smoke, drink (water, soda, hot coffee, etc.), and eat anything you want
(even things that take two hands) – yes, I am doing that infrequently. Where does it stop? I read an article about cell phone tickets, and that was from the Insurance Industry. This was after some time that they scanned the accidents and claims. Always with good intent, Big Bro is there to observe our back. Or are they? I had to smile when they were now even looking into telling restaurants what they could feed us or cook food with for us. They want a bigger central authority; we’d like a smaller one. And it takes money to run, big brother. And today, we do not consider what or how much we earn. If we make a grand, we spend a grand. If the government doesn’t spend its budget, it will not get it next year, so ever seen a budget not used? I got off track, silly me. Some states have a sustained budget deficit. So an article published stating ‘Speed sensors on red-light cameras could raise money fast’ shows that one Governor wants to add ’speeding ticket sensor’ to ‘red light camera ticket machines,’ starting with 5 hundred cameras. They estimate that adding the ’speeding ticket sensors’ would grab a further 2.4 million speeding fine perps ON TOP of the ‘red light camera ticket.’So now it has gone from attempting to help us or saving us from ourselves to having a look at us as the ‘rich uncle,’ meaning $$$. Now, how fair is that? The Counties and states pay the officials who write the tickets that they benefit from the ’saving us’ ‘cell telephone ticket,’ and so is the ‘Commissioner’ who gets to see that ‘Justice’ is done. So how does that work? The cop who writes the cell telephone ticket, the commissioner, gets to decide if we are ‘guilty’ of violating the laws regarding cell telephone tickets, and all are paid by cash from the cell phone ticket. What a world it then might be that you are wearing yellow tennis shoes, and you should wear steel-toed boots to save your feet from being run over by an automobile. Do you think this is laughable or far off???

Now with Traffic Ticket Secrets, you can find out how to fight and beat your red light camera tickets in court with no need to disagree with your case, ticket, or infringement in front of the commissioner, magistrate, or judge. This system is excellent; it is founded on using the court’s rules, procedures, and codes against itself. You should see the rate of success and testimonials on Youtube. A complete channel to see. This is not to get off any guilty or unsafe drivers but to have the governing body protect our rights and use our due process so that we are guarded. It can still work for the governing body, keeping us safe and punishing the habitual violator, but to do it properly by ‘assuming’ our innocence until proven guilty, having us face our accuser, and using due process. It has become so lazy with this ‘money mill’ that why should they?

Mistakes That Can Result in Traffic Tickets

This Blog was brought to you by the San Antonio Traffic Ticket Attorney Gordon Slade

Common Pitfalls of Nighttime Driving: Mistakes That Can Result in Traffic Tickets

Take it from an off-duty traffic cop:

The easiest time to hand out a traffic ticket or two is at night. Some motorists tend to slack off on the traffic laws because of the diminished traffic
volume. I use the darkness to my full advantage, and oftentimes, speeders never even see me until I pull them over and hand out a moving violation citation. Here are a few tips for you stay safe on the roads while avoiding those expensive traffic tickets: Traffic ticket attorney San Antonio

Obey the speed limit. It is so much easier for cops to hand out speeding tickets at night. We like to turn off all our lights and hide at the bottom of hills, around curves, or anywhere else where we can clock you before you see us. A radar/laser detector does you no good here because we don’t turn the radar/laser on until we are ready to clock a target. Your device cannot detect our radar/laser if it is not on. A clock only takes a split second, so as soon as I see you, I push a button and get the clock. By the time your detector picks up the signal, it is too late.

Your best defense here is to be proactive:

Expect to see cops anywhere, slow down, and you will avoid the speeding tickets. Obey the traffic control signs. Whether they are stop signs, yield signs, no u-turn signs, or even no parking signs, it is imperative that you follow the rules here. Under the cloak of darkness, I can park in an
inconspicuous spot and freely monitor the traffic around a particular sign. The diminished traffic volume also helps out, since I don’t have to weave in and out of heavy traffic to catch up with motorists after I witness a moving violation. Wear your seat belt. Although many states prohibit cops from stopping cars for seat belt violations alone, we can still stop you if you commit any other violation. If you are discovered not wearing your seat belt at that time, you can get a seat belt ticket along with a traffic ticket for the original violation.

I’ll let you in on a little trick I like to use at night:

When I am waiting at a red light, I look out for equipment violations like burned-out headlights, inoperative taillights, cracked windshields, etc. If I see a vehicle with a violation, I pay special attention to the occupants inside the vehicle. If I see a seatbelt violation, then you just earned a traffic ticket. Now, I have given you the “inside track” by revealing some of our tricks, but it does no good if you don’t put your newfound knowledge
into practice. Follow the rules, keep your eyes open, and you will most likely avoid an expensive speeding ticket or moving violation citation.

Personal Injury Law – Truck Accident Lawyers Dallas

Truck Accident Attorney

If You’ve Been Injured in an Accident With an 18-Wheeler, Call Our Truck Accident Attorneys

There are many forms of commercial vehicles you’ll find on all the major roads. On any given day, you’ll see rock haulers, dump trucks, construction vehicles, buses, tankers, moving vans, and several other kinds of such vehicles on the road.truck accident attorneys dallas

While these vehicles perform a variety of critical roles, transporting goods throughout Texas and the United States, they can also wreak havoc on fellow motorists when they collide with a car. The larger a vehicle, the more damage it can cause – and some of these commercial vehicles are obviously huge.

While there is a wide range of commercial vehicles, personal injury and/or wrongful death claims that emanate from accidents involving them share a few similarities:

As stated previously, they are larger, so they cause more damage than a typical passenger car.
They are subject to different laws than typical cars.
Many of them are owned by large corporations with the deep pockets necessary to present a formidable defense and deny just restitution to plaintiffs.
A lot of truck accident lawyers can say they’ll handle your truck accident litigation, but precious few have tangible experience dealing with cases involving 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles. Our truck accident attorneys have litigated these kinds of cases for two decades, and have won hundreds of them.

Our attorneys know how to fight just as hard as the opposition, and we have the resources, reputation, knowledge, and experience to either defeat that opposition outright in a trial or to compel them into offering a just out-of-court settlement. Many times, a trucking company or insurance provider will choose to give our client a fair settlement rather than risk losing a great deal more money by losing a case in court.

The truck accident attorneys of our Law Office will bring you many advantages should you decide to use us for legal representation. We not only have 20 of experience handling this type of litigation, but we have also won hundreds of them, as well as thousands of personal injury cases in general.

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