Felony & Misdemeanors Defense Lawyer

Misdemeanors Defense Lawyer

Protecting Your Rights with a Lubbock DUI Attorney

When your freedom and future are at stake, The Attorney delivers aggressive and compassionate legal representation. Attorney Travis S. Ware has over 31 years of trial experience, both as former elected District Attorney and in private practice. He puts this experience to work for you on your case to fight for and protect your rights. Whether you are charged with a felony, or misdemeanor, our attorneys’ experience will be on your side.

Attorney, a former elected District Attorney, has 31+ years of experience in courtrooms. Our attorneys base their hard work and personal service on their belief that every client deserves compassion and justice. They will fight for your rights, under the Constitution and Statutes.

If you have been arrested for a felony or misdemeanor in West Texas, contact us immediately for a consultation. Our criminal defense attorneys can help.

How We Can Help You

We practice in both State and Federal courts, defending you against felony and misdemeanor charges which may include:


  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Theft — burglary, robbery, fraud, forgery, credit card
  • White Collar Crimes — embezzlement, extortion, money laundering, RICO violations
  • Drug Crimes — possession, distribution, trafficking, delivery and sale of controlled substances and illegally obtained prescription drugs
  • Sex crimes — indecency with a child, internet solicitation, rape, possession and distribution of child pornography
  • Misdemeanors (including DWI/DUI)

Attorney also represent many college students and can give peace of mind to their parents, whether in State or out of State. Criminal charges against a college student can have particularly serious consequences and may demand specialized attention.

We have access to sophisticated investigative resources whose findings can support your side of the story. Our skilled lawyers have earned credibility with the legal community. Together, we work hard to achieve justice for you — to restore your freedom and future, and reunite you with your family.

For effective and aggressive advocacy that gets results, in and out of court, contact the DUI and criminal defense Law Offices.

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